Coming soon:

Edward vom Hofe 4-0 Restigouche

Zwarg 2-0 Saguenay, Brooklyn

Spey Lab Trophy Salmon

Zwarg 1-0 Saguenay

Zwarg 3-0 Saguenay

Zwarg 4-0 Saguenay

Spey Lab Teno 4″

Recently added:

Bogdan 300 all black (sold)

Zwarg 4-0 Laurentian (sold)

Zwarg 2-0 Laurentian (sold)

Bogdan 300M A&F (sold)

Edward Vom Hofe Tobique 1-0 (sold)

Bogdan Steelhead (sold)

Walker, Arthur 4-0 100 (sold)

Zwarg 1-0 Laurentian (sold)

Zwarg 3-0 Laurentian, Brooklyn (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3 1/8″ 1906 check

Bogdan Anniversary Salmon reel set (sold)

Spey Lab Trophy Salmon 4 1/4″ LHW (sold)

Charlton 8550C RHW (sold)

Spey Lab Tornio 3 3/4″ LHW (sold)

K. Rowland Reels Raven 3/0 (sold)

Hardy Cascapedia 3/0, original (sold)

K. Rowland Reels Raven 3/0 all black (sold)

Bogdan 300 all black (sold)

Zwarg 4-0 Laurentian (sold)

Engelbrekt 2-0 LHW (sold)

Bogdan 300 RHW (sold)

Arthur Walker 3/0 100 (sold)

Bogdan 400 RHW (sold)

Maurice Noel SA200A LHW (sold)

Zwarg 2-0 Laurentian LHW (sold)

Abel SDS 9/10 Custom Brown Trout Finish (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3 3/4″

LH Design Amber Salmon #10/12 Titanium

Farlex 4″ S-handle multiplier (sold)

Loop Hitec 4 (sold)

Loop Hitec Grayling (sold)

Bogdan Large Trout LHW (sold)

Otto Zwarg 4/0 Laurentian LHW (sold)

Charlton 8550C LHW (sold)

Bogdan Small Trout Wide LHW (sold)

Saracione Mark V 3 3/4” G&P (sold)

D.L. Robichaud 2-5/8″ (sold)

Loop / Danielsson Hitec model Bonefish (sold)

Loop Hitec 2 (sold)

Bogdan Anniversary Salmon Reel Set (sold)

Otto Zwarg 4/0 Laurentian (sold)

Bogdan 100 LHW (sold)

Loop Hitec 4 LHW (sold)

Maurice Noël 150A RHW (sold)

Spey Lab Teno all black LHW (sold)

Bogdan 1 LG LHW (sold)

Bogdan 0 LHW (sold)

Bogdan 400 RHW (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3-3/8″ 1912 check, red agate (sold)

Bogdan Model 100 LHW (sold)

Mohlin EM Salmon & Sea Trout -special (sold)

K. Rowland Reels Raven 4/0 (sold)

Bogdan 300 RHW (sold)

Hardy St. George 3-3/8″ LHW (sold)

Charlton 8450C LHW with 7/8 spool (sold)

K. Rowland reels 4/0 Raven LHW (sold)

Bogdan 400 and 300 in LHW (sold)

Saracione Deluxe II trout Boxed Reel Set, one of ten made (sold)

Maurice Noël M300TD LHW (sold)

Heritage Fly Reel, vom Hofe Style Reel By Ross Hauck (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 504 Tobique 4-0  (sold)

Otto Zwarg 4-0 Laurentian 400 (sold)

Hardy St. George 3″ Spitfire Limited Edition (sold)

Megoff MDS 35 DD LA Titanium (sold)

Otto Zwarg 2-0 Laurentian 400, Brooklyn (sold)

Mohlin Em Seatrout Narrow all black (sold)

Hardy Flyweight 2 1/2″ (sold)

Orvis CFO II (sold)

Bogdan 0 LHW all black (sold)

Hardy Cascapedia 4/0 Ltd. Edition (sold)

Hardy Hotspur Cascapedia 102/150 (sold)

Hardy Hotspur Cascapedia 132/150 (sold)

Bogdan 50 RHW

Schukken Design St 8 Titanium reel (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3 7/8″ “Spitfire” (sold)

Bogdan 00 RHW (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 423 Restigouche 4/0 (sold)

Thomas & Thomas Classic 3″, model 300

Edward vom Hofe 423 Restigouche 4/0 (sold)

Ingvar Nilsson Trout 63 Raised Pillar (sold)

Hardy Bouglé 110th Anniversary Limited Edition 3 1/4″ (sold)

Hardy Uniqua 3 1/8″

Dingley 3″ Caged spool

Ted Godfrey Jupiter 3 3/8″ multiplier (sold)

Mörner Trout (sold)

Loop Hi-Tec 4 (sold)

Saracione SCA 4″ RHW (sold)

Saracione Deluxe I 4 1/2″ RHW (sold)

Otto Zwarg 2/0 400 Laurentian RHW (sold)

Charlton Mako 9700S LHW (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3 3/4″ Brass Face 1896 check (sold)

Ari´t Hart Trilogy Boxed reel set (sold)

Bo Mohlin Medium Trout LHW all-black (sold)

Saracione Deluxe I reel, size 2 1/2″ (sold)

R.L. Winston 3 1/4″ Vintage Limited Edition Trout (sold)

Carpenter & Casey 2 3/4″ wide spool (sold)

Carpenter & Casey 2 3/4″ narrow spool (sold)

Hardy Spitfire Perfect 2 7/8″ Special Edition (sold)

Hardy All Brass Perfect 125th Anniversary (sold)

Hardy Brunswick Cascapedia 1/0 RHW (sold)

Guideline Alta Salmon 3 3/4″ (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 4-0 Tobique 504 (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 4-0 Tobique 504 (sold)

Loop HiTec model Salmon (sold)

Otto Zwarg 3-0 400 Laurentian (sold)

Bogdan Large Trout LHW all black (sold)

Engelbrekt 2/0 RHW (sold)

Saracione Mk V 4 1/4″ LHW (sold)

Saracione Mk V 4″ LHW (sold)

Saracione Mk V 3 3/4″ LHW (sold)

Saracione Mk V 3 1/2″ LHW (sold)

Schukken Design St 8 Aluminum reel (sold)

Maurice Noël M200TT LHW, spey spool (sold)

Farlex 4″ Multiplier Inset S-handle #26 (sold)

K. Rowland reels Raven 4/0 RHW, mint (sold)

Bogdan Steelhead LHW (sold)

Spey Lab 3 3/4″ Tornio Salmon LHW (sold)

Edward vom Hofe Restigouche 3/0 LHW (sold)

Bogdan 100 LHW all-black (sold)

Hardy Cascapedia 10/11 LHW (sold)

Bogdan A&F No.2 RHW (sold)

Bogdan 150 LHW (sold)

Bogdan 0 LHW (sold)

Hardy “Fly Reel” 3 3/4″ wide spool (sold)

Bengt Engelbrekt 3″ model 1 (sold)

Saracione Deluxe I reel, size 2 3/4″ (sold)

Farlex 4″ Multiplier Inset S-handle #27 (sold)

Loop Hi-Tec 3 (sold)

Bogdan 150 RHW (sold)

K. Rowland reels Raven 4/0, used (sold)

Bogdan 150 LHW (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 4/0 504 Tobique, LHW (sold)

Hardy Perfect 3 5/8″ 1912 check (sold)

Bengt Engelbrekt Autograph 4/0 LHW (sold)

Farlex 3 3/4″ Platewind D-D LHW (sold)

Charlton Mako 9600S RHW (sold)

Bogdan 400 LHW (sold)

Maurice Noel M400TT RHW (sold)

Bogdan 2LG (sold)

Bogdan 300 LHW (sold)

Spey Lab 4″ LHW by Markus Leivo (sold)

Farlex MGP 3 3/4″ all-black (sold)

Arthur Walker 200 3/0 RHW (sold)

Maurice Noël M500A LHW (sold)

McSteen Salmon reel LHW (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 4/0 423 Restigouche  (sold)

Charlton Mako 9600B RHW with spare spool (sold)

Bogdan 300 LHW (sold)

Spey Lab 4″ Teno by Markus Leivo (sold)

Loop Hi-Tec 3 RHW (sold)

Loop Hi-Tec 4 (sold)

Edward vom Hofe 504 Tobique 4/0 LHW (sold)

Bogdan 400 LHW (sold)

Hardy Brassface Perfect 3 3/4 1896 check (sold)